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KW#000 - Back to School Special

Seasonal - Meals | In stock

Our kids are back to school, and boy is this a different school year! We all wonder how this new 'normal' is going to work out. We also know that kids will not be able to go out for lunch, so here we come to the rescue!

You can buy 1/2 dozen empanadas, plus three dipping sauces and a box containing six of our delicious alfajores each, for just $25.00! 

Select your flavours from this list, and enter your numbers in the comment area at checkout!

* Chicken
* Beef
* Ham and cheese
* Cheeseburger
* Cheese and onion
* Caprese
* Spinach
* Eggplant
* Corn

Please let us know in the comment area at check out, date and time you would like the special to be delivered.


  • Offer valid until EOD Friday 02/Oct/2020
x $25.00 = $25.00

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