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KW Empanadas is the product of my many years of experience in the food business. Before I came to Canada, I managed my own family business; our store ('Pastas Marco') was very successful, not only due to the many hours of dedication and love we put behind it, but also because of the quality of our food!

We have been living in the KW area since early 2001, and many of our close friends have already tried my empanadas and my desserts. They have -along with my family- been encouraging me to take the plunge and open my own store...so here we are!

I hope you find our food delicious; it is carefully prepared, especially for you, and with the best ingredients. If you think of anything you might want to try but you don't see in the menu, just let me know. I might be able to surprise you...  :-)

--Gabriela Vera

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Our 'humita' (creme of corn) empanadas. Tasty!!!